Learn about the Array findIndex method in JavaScript

Find an item in an array with the ‘findIndex’ method in JavaScript.

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The method returns the index of the first element of the array if the callback function passed to the method returns true, otherwise returns -1


  • → A function to execute on each value in the array until the function returns , indicating that the satisfying element was found.
  • → Optional object to use as when executing .

The takes three arguments

  • → current processing element
  • → index of the element processing
  • → array in which findIndex method called.


  • once the callback returns the index, it will not process the remaining elements.

Unlike other array methods such as , is run even for indexes with unassigned values.

Extras :

The method, which returns the value of an array element, instead of its index.

You can find the implementation details of method here.

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